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London Language Training is unlike any other English language agency service in London as we offer our own bespoke range of original English courses and cultural experience courses. On top of this, we only work with a small selection of excellent and highly qualified teachers and all our work is overseen by Luke Vyner:

“The idea of London Language Training arrived after years of teaching freelance for various corporate language agencies and hearing stories from clients about teachers that didn’t quite live up to their expectations. Agency teachers are not always vetted as well as they should be. Often they are teachers who cannot find work in language schools due to lack of experience or qualifications or those who are looking for part-time work whilst focusing more attention on other careers. In short you can never be entirely certain of your teacher’s quality. In reaction to this I decided to set up a smaller agency with a personal touch focused on quality control with the aim of supplying only the very best language teachers. As well as designing the courses, I oversee all our teaching methods and employ all our staff, regularly observing lessons and continuously working closely with our clients to ensure they are happy with their courses.  From your very first consultation, to your bespoke Language lessons, to successfully completing your course and meeting your targets, LLT can offer you and your company a professional learning experience that guarantees quality.

On top of our standard English courses I was also keen to create our London Culture Courses based on the published content of my audio production and course design company London Language Experience. I have added extra elements to the materials and I am confident that whether a student is here for a short time or living in London for an extended period, our culture courses are relevant for both type of learner, combining two valuable things - learning about London from its dark and glittered past to its vibrant and dynamic present and learning relevant, natural and instinctive English at the same time. When combined, the teaching materials become extremely exciting and the learning experience is transformed.”


We work intuitively with all our clients and through thorough consultation and focus on each learner’s needs, we make sure that all our client’s requirements are fully met.

We can help improve your confidence, English level and communication skills, but most of all can help you to become a better and more independent language learner.  

Passionate about teaching, we use a mixture of methodologies picking and choosing our approach to suit each individual learner or group. We work from a wide range of materials from our own library of resources and also create bespoke courses when required.

We are passionate about the English language and aim to inspire each learner to enjoy the journey of language learning - as Luke points out: “It’s not just about learning English, but learning better, more natural sounding English by combining all the elements of traditional language learning while acquiring the confidence and skills to communicate successfully in the real world.”


Luke Vyner


Luke is a Cambridge CELTA & DELTA qualified English language teacher, teacher trainer and writer. He has a BA Honours degree in Theatre Studies from the University of Kent alongside an approved year abroad at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece.


A keen language learner himself, Luke has an Advanced Diploma in Spanish Language from the University of Salamanca in Spain and has studied French and Greek.

Teaching Background

Luke has been an English teacher since 2001 and has a vast amount of experience teaching Business English, General English, Academic English and Specialised English for more specific purposes having taught in the medical, catering and law industries.

He has worked as a teacher in Greece, Brighton and London at various private language schools and Universities. He has also worked in Educational Management and been involved in curriculum and course design for many years.

In the last few years he has predominantly been teaching English in the corporate sector specialising in one to one and small group executive language training. On top of this, he has also been combining teaching with his knowledge of London, working as a private London tour guide and teacher of his cleverly designed London Culture courses.

Writing Background

He is the founder and Educational Director of London Language Experience - an educational audio production company that creates listening courses, educational audio tours and websites/applications. They specialise in course design and 'cinematic' audio production for the EFL/ESL sectors and beyond.

With a background in theatre and songwriting, Luke relishes the creativity that language teaching provides.

He also writes commissioned teaching materials and has published work through his own company London Language Experience, a number of independent teacher/learner resource sites and Macmillan Campus online (Onestopenglish). He is currently compiling a General English coursebook designed specifically for business one to one tuition.

Luke was recently made Author of the month on

A keen social networker, Luke can be found on twitter and regularly blogs about all things London and teaching.