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Camden Course

The Audio Tour:

Journey through the streets of Camden as you head to the biggest market in Europe with your four friendly guides; a punk, an indie boy, a raver and a goth. From music to fashion, the tour takes in everything that's special about Camden with a soundtrack to match, from The Clash to Amy Winehouse. The tour is an exhilarating way to experience the town that wears its heart proudly on its sleeve.

The Interview:

The tour includes an interviewing task where you will have the chance to mix with market traders and some of the interesting characters to be found amongst the stalls. The authentic exchange is a great opportunity for you to gain a newfound confidence with your speaking skills.

The Lessons:

The lessons are all linked to the themes and language of the tour. You will learn lots of new vocabulary, practice reading and listening and have lots of opportunity to work on your speaking and pronunciation.

Location of Lessons:

It's up to you! You could sit down in the famous Proud Galleries - one of London's most famous photography galleries. You could grab a coffee in the Round House, a concert venue that once hosted The Doors and Pink Floyd, or you could even get lost in the market and grab some delicious lunch with your guide.

The short course is 10 hours over one week - 2 hours per day.

To book your place please contact us.