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South Bank Course

The Audio Tour:

Journey from St Paul's Cathedral to Borough Market, crossing paths with an assortment of fantastic characters as you go - Cyril the fireman, William Shakespeare, Samuel Pepys and Sir Francis Drake to name but a few! Soak in the atmosphere of the South Bank and its amazing history, as your companions divulge secrets from London's dramatic past from the Great Plague to the blitz! The South Bank tour is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in London's dark and fascinating past.

The Interview:

The tour includes an interviewing task where you will have the chance to mix with market stall owners at the famous Borough Market. The authentic exchange is a great opportunity for you to gain a newfound confidence with your speaking skills.

The Lessons:

The lessons are all linked to the themes and language of the tour. You will learn lots of new vocabulary, practice reading and listening and have lots of opportunity to work on your speaking and pronunciation.

Location of Lessons:

It's up to you! You could wander around the fantastic Tate Modern, London's most recognised modern art gallery, you could sit in the Globe Theatre listening to Shakespeare being performed in the background, or in warm weather you could sit in the garden of Southwark Cathedral whilst enjoying some food from Borough Market, London's best loved food market.

The short course is 10 hours over one week - 2 hours per day.

To book your place please contact us.