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“We employed Luke to come in and train up our Italian massage therapists and he put together a course designed to fit their exact needs and the kind of English they would be using regularly. The therapists thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and had a new found confidence after completing the course. Many thanks Luke!“

Fleur Cruz - owner of Angel Therapy Rooms

“I took an intensive General English course with London Language Training last summer and my English improved very quickly. The lessons were dynamic and not only did my speaking improve but I became more confident to read in English which I wasn't great at before. Really worth it! Thanks Luke.“

Miguel Rodrigues - Restaurant Manager

“I have worked with Luke for a couple of months and now happily committed myself to continue my English lessons with him long term. Luke teaches English expertly and motivates his students for further progress which is an essential part of tuition, in my opinion, especially for those who have to start from scratch. I can see the progress with his help as my vocabulary, reading and listening skills have improved remarkably. I would recommend Luke to everyone who wants to improve their English and succeed in learning it fast.“

Jack - Financial Investor

“When I most needed English support I was working full-time and with a very little spare time. Luke's classes were worth every penny and every minute I spent with him. He is creative and enthusiastic and thanks to him I passed the IELTS exam and was able to move forward in my career.“

Demelsa Gonzalez - International Journalism student

“You can be sure your English language skills will be improved with the help of Luke as he uses great teaching methods that really motivate any student to learn more and study hard. He helped me to enrich my vocabulary, which now helps me a lot in my current studies, and I found great pleasure in studying with Luke.“

Anna Lundberg - student at International Business School

“Luke taught a group of our employees English every morning before work for an extended period last summer. The improvement was tenfold and we continue to use him whenever we require him. Our staff love his courses and value him as a great teacher. We'd like to employ him to work for us if we could!“

Michael Francis - Managing Director at JFL Properties

“It's been a great pleasure learning English with Luke as it was much more than mere learning – it was entertaining and we all enjoyed during classes as well as improved our vocabulary, reading and listening skills and gained much knowledge about Britain through fun and innovative methods.“

Brina Becner - Medical student