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Westminster Course

The Audio Tour:

Stroll through the heart of Westminster with some very special companions; Reggie Watlins - Hero of the Battle of Britain, Sir Winston Churchill, the infamous Guy Fawkes and the uncompromising Queen Elizabeth I. Re-live Britain's history of war, politics and the Monarchy as seen through the eyes of those who witnessed it all. The Westminster tour is a great way to understand the pride of Britain and why its history and sovereignty is so important to its people.

The Interview:

The tour includes an interviewing task where you will have the chance to talk to the locals in and around Trafalgar Square. The authentic exchange is a great opportunity to gain a newfound confidence with your speaking skills.

The Lessons:

The lessons are all linked to the themes and language of the tour. You will learn lots of new vocabulary, practice reading and listening and have lots of opportunity to work on your speaking and pronunciation.

Location of Lessons:

It's up to you! Perhaps you could stop in Westminster Abbey where many Royals have been married and buried? In warm weather you could sit in Trafalgar Square or down by the river with a view of the millenium wheel, or on a cold day you could find a local warm cafe or pub to sit with your guide!

The short course is 10 hours over one week - 2 hours per day.

To book your place please contact us.